Welcome Message from the President

"Control System Security Center (CSSC)," a technology research association, was established in March, 2012 as an authorized corporation approved by the Minister of Economics, Trade and Industry in accordance with the "Act on Research and Development Partnership" with 8 corporations relating to control systems that support people's lives as starting members.*  Its mission is to strengthen security in this field and to authenticate security.

On 28 May 2013, a testbed, which is for control system security research, edification, education, training, and authentication, has been established in Miyagi Reconstruction Park in Tagajo-city, Miyagi. Domestic and foreign dignitaries participated to the opening ceremony. We have set up this testbed in Miyagi Reconstruction Park as “Control System Security Center Tohoku Tagajo Headquarter”.

At the date of 1 May 2017, 31 corporations have been joined to our association. While it has been over five years since our association, CSSC, is established, the members have engaged in various activities with high aspirations. We hope to become the center to be proud of, representing Japan to the world, supported by those who are related or interested in this area.

May, 2017

Seiichi Shin, President
Control System Security Center

Seiichi Shin, General Director

Seiichi Shin, President

* Starting members

Total 8 corporations
<In alphabetical order>

  • Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  • Azbil Corporation
  • Hitachi, Ltd.
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.
  • Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc.
  • Mori Building Co., Ltd.
  • Toshiba Corporation
  • Yokogawa Electric Corporation