Major business activities

1. 7 business activities and operation plans

In order to accomplish the CSSC objectives, we have set up the following 7 business activities.  As for "Objectives" and "Major operation plans," please click the charts on the right and refer to the PDF.

Items Business activities
1 System security verification To establish verification methods and execute evaluation of real systems and components
2 Establishment of structures and technology to enhance security To establish secure structures and technology for control systems
3 Security international standard To carry out strategic activities towards international standardization and promotions in Japan
4 International standard compliance certification To develop certification tools in compliance with international standards and promote the standards
5 Incident support To collect and manage incident information and support incident handling
6 Human resource development To hold security skill trainings for control system engineers
7 Promotion To provide security alert demonstrations and guidelines

Major operation plans <PDF>

business activities

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