Backgrounds and objectives

1. Backgrounds

It is a critical issue for the national security and risk management to deal with cyber attacks towards control systems of important infrastructures, such as power and gas plants.  If we cannot ensure security, we might expose ourselves to a possibility of outage of control systems of important infrastructures and leakage of confidential information of energy usage etc.

In overseas, reinforcement of international standardization of control system security is making progress and the authentication system based on it is now being developed, with a chance of creating a trade barrier against Japan's infrastructure system exports.

2. Objectives

In order to ensure the security of control systems of important infrastructure, CSSC conducts various operations thoroughly including R&D, international standardization, certification, human resource development, promotion and security verification of each system.

  • R&D of technology to enhance security of control systems
  • R&D of technology to enhance security of wide-area cooperative systems
  • R&D of system security verification technology
  • International collaboration
  • R&D of control security testbeds

CSSC Objectives

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